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Saturday means family time. Last Saturday was family work day- we got ‘stuff’ done around the house, although there is always more to do…

This Saturday we had planned to go see the lavender fields. We have been here over 4 years and never seen them, shame on us! Everything we do on family fun day is within 1.5 hours from our home, it is our limit to what we consider a doable day trip with our kids right now.

I came across this article which talked about perched villages up near Gordes, which is where we were planning on going. At Gordes you will find the Abbey de Senanque, which has gorgeous lavender fields. We decided to go ahead and see some of these perched villages on the way. Look closely at the photos, where you see patches of purple, you are seeing lavender fields in full bloom from miles away!

le village Bonnieux

Nice architecture & foliage

As usual we took a picnik. We stopped first in Bonnieux for icecream and a walk. Then we stopped outside of Roussillon near a roman bridge built in 3 BC and had a simple picnik.

From the top of Bonnieux



le village de Roussillion

Roussillon is a gorgeous red tinted village where we stopped for a nice little walk, potty stop and a soda (well, something called carbonated iced tea… it was weird).


Dad & Son

Mom & Daughter

Our next stop was Gordes and wow! What a gorgeous village! We did some more walking, and eating… and enjoyed an evening picknik before beginning the journey home. On the way back we saw the Abbey’s lavender fields. Gorgeous.

le village de Gorde

Abbey de Sénanque

The only thing about family fun day… it is very tiring for the two youngest. We have a great time, but they end up falling asleep in the car, and when they get home… gnashing of teeth!

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