speaking of training…

full of potential

i just put my 7 yr old in charge of kitchen cleanup. not just in charge, but administrating 4 older boys.

your probably thinking… why in the world would she do such a thing? what sort of parent is she anyway??!

my daughter is a natural born leader who has struggled to grow out of some young behaviors… behaviors that will not help her in the long run. it’s time to grow up. she is also quite good at organizing and cleaning when she sets her heart to it. i know she is capable of this job. but does SHE know?

she might fail.

it’s a risk i am willing to take. ¬†this same sort of risk was taken on us in our squidgy 20′s. it promoted us to being responsible and functioning adults. someone asked something of us, someone entrusted us with the leading of a youth program. crazy right?! but it was our moment, our moment to fill a need. we learned and we moved past some of the insecurity that had kept us back.

this may be your moment, or it may be the moment for you to ask something of someone else. time to encourage someone to step up. no, don’t just encourage them, be bold! ASK THEM!

ask that older child who is still sketchy in reading to read to the younger child

ask the 3 year old to help stir the pancake mix

you know the people at church, school, work, that don’t do anything? ask them!

it isn’t all as simple as just asking… they might not respond. they might fall on their faces, they might say yes and not follow through, they might lose, win, or somewhere in between. but i am guessing everyone will learn.

thinking about what could go wrong (or a spirit of pessimism) should never prevent us from expecting that others can achieve their potential, it should never hold us back from expecting good things from people.

take a step today and expect something good from someone and with boldness let them know that you know they are up for a challenge by asking them. 



3 Responses to “speaking of training…”

  1. Katrina says:

    LOVE THIS! Very true. I think we forget that we often rise to the occasion when we feel respected and empowered by others’ belief in us. Awesome. :)

  2. isabelle says:

    thank you for such an excellent idea
    …every time i read a post of yours … i selfishly wish you still were in Aix … i could do with a few more people like you in my life (to inspire me & help me along in my journey ….)
    i wish you the best in your new setting & please, keep posting every now and then …. TIA

  3. Rebekah says:

    Let us know how she does! Reminds me of the story in Stephen Covey’s book (7 Habits) about giving his son the responsibility to keep the lawn “green and clean”. Took some failing/coaching, but eventually his son took ownership.

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