24 hours of juice… headache, swollen lymph nodes. not particularly hungry, but wanting solid food. (ended up being invited to eat chili… and what do you do? well, what i did? chili and 3 jalapenos, if juice won’t cure me those will!)

another 24 hours of juice… headache better, house guests for next two days. not sure how sustainable this is while hosting peeps. will still do juice for breaky for sure.

this is a laughable attempt… please, mock me right now.

my plan at this juncture is to juice 2 meals a day until our guests leave (eating the main meal with them). tuesday i will start again and i hope to get in several hard core days.

i won’t post again until then.  (insert pointing, laughing and making fun).

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  1. Funny post!! I’m not saying a word…. not one single word….

  2. John says:

    Well… since you asked for a comment…
    What kind of “juice” are you drinking that makes you feel so sick? What specifically can be considered juice…? For example, is gravy juice? This might not seem like a real question but, I ask because Mom also makes gravy from turkey juice after she bakes a turkey, which is technically a dry meat, not even very “juicy” but still, juice is left in the baking pan and what a wonderful addition turkey juice makes to the vegan parts of our meal! Also, I’ve noticed that Mom fries chicken in olive juice? She also uses olive juice for our heart-healthy green salad dressings. This same dressing can be poured liberally on mashed potatoes for a totally vegan plate… [Wow, I didn’t really realize how many vegetables I really eat until I wrote this comment!! Being a vegan can be fun!] Other juices exist… grape juice in wine bottles for example… [contains resveratrol] So, define juice along the lines of “what your…definition of is is?…”. Juice comes in many forms…

  3. Susan says:

    loving those comments Mr Pearson…I too, may become vegan..according to your thoughts.

  4. Jesseka says:

    Poor Neil :( I empathize with your plight. My comments on Anita’s first post might be helpful. It could have been a fluke, or, it could have been related to the juicing/chili fest. Who knows? If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! Another option is to build UP to a juice fast- 1 meal juicing, 2 meals whole foods/vegan for several days, increasing to 2 meals juicing, etc… I bet this would work. :)

  5. anitajoye says:

    yes Jess… Neil has decided that he needs to work up to it (but he’ll write his own blog on that…). It is basically what I’ve done over the last several months, so besides the swollen lymph nodes and headache (due to no caffeine probably), I felt pretty fine.
    I resume full fledged tomorrow as our guests leave and we have no commitments for several days.
    dad, yes, i used to think that gravy was a beverage… but those days have passed (although i still wish it was).
    good job susan, keep researching, it will only make you more resolved!

  6. neil says:

    On occasion I’ve gotten a sweetened ice tea at places and it was as thick as gravy with sugar. Maybe that counts as the juice from tea leaves and sugar cane.

    I’m on hold with juicing. I have to reassess and possibly start again.

  7. John says:

    I will quote the well known 1st century Roman senator, Loosium Bowelius who famously declared to a senatorial congregation:
    “Ego juiced, ego soluta”. Which roughly translated is: “I juiced, I loosed”.

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