Week 4: Uncluttered

So, let’s talk about reality.

Week four of uncluttered was a challenge for me… a sick child, doctors appointments, piglets arriving 10 days early in a rain storm (of course…), catch up after vacation, commitments that couldn’t be rescheduled and general family stress.

Rough. 20140528-124236.jpg

I was supposed to have my bedroom done this week. I managed to continue with the reduction, but I have not yet finished. Our Baby Love takes two naps a day, meaning he monopolizes our room for 4 hours a day. Those four house happen to be some of my best and most productive, because he is sleeping. See where this is going?

My goal is to have more empty drawers. That might sound crazy, but I actually really like it. I will also be giving away the armchair that sits in the corner of our room. We rarely use it and it seems to just collect stuff, mostly laundry.

So, after a rough week, I rallied. Monday, going into week 5, I established a way forward. Often I find myself wrapped up in, and overwhelmed by something and I’ve realized that if I can simply outline a way forward,  then, I can find success.

So, my tips for this week aren’t so much about decluttering as they are about getting unstuck.

Tips for a way forward

  1. Recenter yourself. Get a quiet spot and breathe for a few minutes, pray, ask for guidance, release your worries and stress. Realize that is is never to late to get back on track, the best time is always right now.
  2. Pick one thing to accomplish. If you have kids, pick one thing for each of them to accomplish before they can move on. Don’t do a whole room… just do one drawer or one shelf. Take a manageable bite and then bask in your accomplishment. (Because sometimes getting simple things done is really, really, hard.)
  3. Have an accountability buddy you can vent to, give encouragement to and receive from. My friend and I have taken turns with the ‘help I’m so overwhelmed and stressed’ texts and we help each other refocus.

So, there is week 4 for you. Nothing major moved out, but continuing forward, and that is what matters.

And here is a picture of the baby piggies.


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