Week 6: Uncluttered, the kitchen

The kitchen seemed like a pretty obvious place to start, so, I actually started that many weeks ago.

However, my lovely daughter helped me go through a drawer and find some nonsense that needed to go. image (14)


In addition, we are not grocery shopping for the month of June. We are eating out of the pantry, garden and freezer. It’s working quite well. We have made exceptions for milk, half and half and coffee (I mean let’s not get carried away…). (We have also purchased non food items as needed and some bulk homegrown meat that we ordered awhile ago and happened to be ready this month). I really love not grocery shopping.

While my kitchen did not need a massive overhaul, I will say, it is teaching me that this is a lifestyle, it is never done once and for all. Every room, though overhauled once, will need a revisiting every so often. It’s never over, but it is better and better every time.

Where are you at in this? Are you still overhauling? or have you found a happy maintenance?



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  1. Bobbie says:

    Good work Anita! I am on the $21 a week grocery challenge until further notice. So far, so good!

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