Week 7: Uncluttered

In week 7 I experienced an amazing victory, which coincided perfectly with this weeks lesson, Uncluttering as a family.

My 11 yr old daughter came to me with lists of items she felt needed to be reduced. I gave her reign to do it and she accomplished these tasks, among them, the kitchen large utensil drawer (we worked on this together, but she prepared it by laying it all out) and the toothbrushes (who needs 4??).

A couple of afternoons later, she walked down with a full, large basket or clothing. After going through the basket with her, I agreed that 90% of it needed to be passed on. Then, she said something insightful.

“It stresses me out when my drawers are crammed with stuff and my clothes don’t fit in them”.

This was music to my ears!! It is my goal, as my children develop, that they to begin the process of knowing themselves. With each of our two older kids I have heard glimpses of understanding as they get to know themselves. Knowledge of what triggers stress in our daily lives is essential to being a healthy human.

My older daughter has become by ally in this journey and I am pleased as pie to see her work so hard. I am imagining that her first job will likely be as a mothers helper, she’s great at organizing and cleaning projects and with children. She is a gift.

Here are her freshly organized drawers, where everything fits!



I also had a victory with my 4 yr old hoarder. He has quite the ‘collection’ of items, every one he considers to be precious, every one he put there on purpose. It has been a process to reduce this huge pile of treasures, but we are making weekly progress. There have been many reducing sessions. I have found with him, as with the others, it is important to have a gentle, but firm approach. Allowing them to decide through questions and conversation what can go and stay (and of course, I admit that I will stash things I am sure they will never miss and throw them away on the down low). So, let’s say, gentle, firm and when necessary… covert. :)

image (17)


image (16)

The box that went bye bye.


2 Responses to “Week 7: Uncluttered”

  1. Jen says:

    Hmmmm, maybe I should consider starting something like this. In the winter of course, its too beautiful outside to be inside right now;)

  2. John says:

    A famous hoarder once said:
    You can toss out all of the stuff some of the time,
    And some of the stuff all of the time but you can’t
    Toss out all of the stuff all of the time and, especially you
    Can’t ever toss out any of MY stuff!

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