Week 8: Uncluttered

The theme for week 8 was ‘Stay Uncluttered’. I’m going to make this post short and sweet and bullet point the habits that I am working on developing.

1. Don’t buy it in the first place.

Find a way to stay out of stores, I did this by not shopping for the entire month of June, with the exception of milk and some coffee. I mean, let’s be reasonable folks. Today, I had to run to the store… and I was tempted to purchase pinto beans. That’s not a huge deal, is it? Well, no, but I already have black beans at home. So, why add something to my life when I really don’t need to? I want to be less of a consumer and more mindful.

2. Let it go.

I keep finding little things I meant to do something with, or something that broke that I meant to fix. I’m letting go of the

‘meant to’s’ and seriously, getting this stuff out. I threw away a necklace yesterday that my daughter broke. I was actually kinda glad she did.

These two things are an every day, hour by hour way of thinking. By the way, I have much more uncluttering to do, I have not arrived at some sort of magical fairy land maintenance. No, I’m still trudging through the junk.

How’s your minimizing going?


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