Weeks 2-3: Uncluttered

For week 3, I was delightfully at the beach. This post will contain things accomplished in week 2 and reflections from week 3.

Week 2…

More bags were taken to the Goodwill and when we left for the beach at the end of week 2, the house was not only clean (a usual habit prior to leaving so we can come home to peace), but it also felt amazingly open.

Minimalism leaves room for the things we love. I love canning. This doesn’t look like a minimalist space, but it is. I will use every single one of these jars by summers end, filling them with tasty pears, apples, peaches, meats, broths and stews. This gives me joy.

image (2)


I also gave away a few cookbooks that I have not used in a long time. I kept the cookbooks I wanted my kids to learn from. What about the internet? Can’t we get it all there? Sure! But, I like it when we can have something in life that doesn’t require the interwebs.

My thoughts for week 3….

  • It’s important to be realistic about what I can handle. When I got home, I sold 10 ducklings we were not prepared to raise. This was always the plan, but it’s just an example of a stewardship paradigm, don’t have more than we can steward.
  • Keep out of the grocery store and stores in general! Every time I step in there I spend at least $30…  and I usually went in for 2 small items. If you don’t want to buy more junk, food etc than you need, stay home. If staying home doesn’t float your boat, then have a fun outing. Go on a walk, watch the sun set, go for a swim… you get the picture.

Have you started to minimize yet? Are you on a road to make sure that you have room for what really matters?




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