when you know a dutch pattern maker…

… take lessons!

i am so thankful for my sewing teacher Reina. she is so much more than that though, she is a pattern maker. what does this mean? it means that she can take a garment and show you how to replicate it. i took in a 3-6 mo baby dress that i loved… the neckline was so sweet, the simplicity of the body was just what a little girl should be wearing in the summer heat. Reina helped me make two patterns, one for a 2 yr old, one for a 6 yr old. here is the first dress for Miss Pants, the second will be posted soon as i finish a few things that need to be done by hand. i will soon begin to cut out the pattern for the 6 yr old.

the wonderful thing about making this sort of dress is that in a year she can wear it with white bloomers, and in 2 years she can wear it with leggings. how sweet will that be? how do i know it will likely still fit her? well, according to what i have learned with Reina, little girls mostly grow UP vs  getting a whole lot wider. the bodice of the dress has enough room for some growth, but what is more important is the length.


7 Responses to “when you know a dutch pattern maker…”

  1. Dana says:

    Beautiful, cool (as in comfy in thd heat), and very sweet!

  2. Jen Reckley says:

    Love these!! Can you teach me a few tricks when you get back on the East Coast?

  3. anitajoye says:

    oh Jen!! i have nothing on you!!! but, I can bring my pattern for the 6 yr old dress. beka could use it next year.
    I will be making hers next. hoping to find some time to go ahead and cut it out in the next couple of weeks.
    Then putting it together only takes a couple of hours.

  4. Reina says:

    With the yellow buttons! Perfect!

  5. Amy says:

    Great job! How awesome that you are learning to make patterns!

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